Creating a Farmhouse Table Setting

Farmhouse table settings create such a comforting, tranquil aesthetic. Curate a home you love, starting with your dining room table!

When designing your dining table setting there are so many themes, color palettes, and textures to choose from. Setting the dining room table never gets old. Currently, I have a Farmhouse style table setting. This won’t always be the case, and as I change the setting I will chat about it here on the blog. I LOVE a good Farmhouse style dining room table setting, though.

What You’ll Find in my Farmhouse Table Setting

Color Palette

When I am designing a table setting, I always start with colors. The entire design revolves around the color palette. For this Farmhouse Style Table Setting I chose royal blue, cream, and gold. All very classic colors. The word “Farmhouse” can mean different things to different people. Personally, for something to be “Farmhouse” it needs to exist in a Farmhouse naturally. This style doesn’t seem too “try-hard” and looks “right”, as though it would exist even without an overzealous homemaker excitedly piecing things together. The color palette (gold, cream, and royal blue) lends itself to a timeless feel. I further that feeling by including pieces that themselves look like they would naturally exist in the space.


Vintage dishes really help a design look natural. The top plates in the above photograph are an Oxford Ironstone Salad/Dessert/Bread Plate with a sweet, blue floral design. They’re not too fancy but they add a level of interest to my setting while also looking like they belong there. I purchased the bottom plates from Marshalls (on the clearance shelf, squeal!) but if you’ll notice, that isn’t the focal point of the individual place settings. There are plenty of table setting designs where you’ll want the “newer” items to be your focal point but, remember that I am creating a Farmhouse design. The Farmhouse aesthetic that lives in my minds eye have vintage dishes/items at the forefront.

pig figurine in farmhouse table setting


Currently, this gold silverware set is one of two sets I own. I own a standard silver set and the gold set. I caution you when you’re deciding if you want to care about table settings not to go hog wild with purchasing items. You can only have so many items on your table at a time, the others sit in a box until it’s their time to shine. When I decided I wanted to create a Farmhouse Table Setting, I didn’t like how the silver set looked. I also already had my clearance Marshall’s plates. The silverware set and the place mats are the only items I purchased new. I say all of this because it would be so easy to go to Target and purchase everything you need for a table setting. Where’s the fun in that? Especially if you are drawn to the Farmhouse aesthetic.

Visit antique stores, garage sales, Good Will, Salvation Army, local co-ops, etc. It is SO. MUCH. FUN. to collect table setting items. It opens the door to so many design ideas and helps you find interest pieces (notice that beautiful bowl we’ll talk about shortly). My point is, don’t buy everything brand new at Target! If there is an element missing and you’re close to tying it all together, sure. That is where my gold silverware set comes in. One last thing I’ll mention about it, the silverware set can be used for so many other table setting themes! I can’t wait to build a Christmas Table Setting *drool*!


I didn’t get crazy with the cups. I used simple, glass water goblets. I did that for two reasons. First, I didn’t want to purchase anything else. I already owned the water goblets. They suit the overall look, why spend money on something else? The second reason, I wanted to keep this element simple so it doesn’t draw the eye away from the other elements. I am not a fan of busyness in a design. I never want anything I design to inspire anxiety and busyness/clutter does just that for me. Not every item in any home décor project needs to be fancy. Keeping the cups simple gives the viewer of the overall design time and space to breathe and enjoy the other elements.

Place Mats

This is where I got funky with it. I absolutely could have purchased pretty, plain, burlap place mats. Or flour sack placemats, perhaps a sweet, linen placemat! The options are endless. I popped over to the placemats at Target when I purchased my silverware and fell in LOVE with these blue and cream placemats! It was the last items I picked out for this Farmhouse Table Setting. I already had the plates, cups, and interest pieces. My color palette was already well established when I saw these place mats. I simply had to have them! I do not believe they would exist “naturally” in the Farmhouse setting, like we talked about earlier. It does change the overall aesthetic of the design. However, here’s a little tip: YOU MAKE THE RULES! I’m allowed to come here to you today and claim that this is a “Farmhouse Table Setting” while using funky place mats! If you see a “fun” piece and it speaks to your heart, go for it!

Interest Pieces

Guys, this is my favorite part!! The previous items we’ve talked about kind of “have to” exist, for the most part. You can’t have a table setting without plates, for example. The interest items are just for fun! They fill the remaining empty space, if that’s what you want to do. I found the bowl at an antique co-op. Those sweet, little, concrete chicks came from the dollar spot at Target the day I lost my first chicken (RIP Buffy). I can’t remember where I found my mortar and pestle. I think the little pig figurine came from Target as well and the cheese board it’s all sitting on was a wedding gift from our good friends, Sarah and Chuck.

A collection of random items all strategically placed to create an adorable Farmhouse Table Setting! Gosh I just love it. All of these items were already in my possession before I decided to create a Farmhouse Table Setting. I didn’t buy a single piece expressly for this purpose. That’s my point. I don’t necessarily recommend doing that.

mortar and pestle in a farmhouse table setting

Lets Keep It Affordable!

Don’t hoard stuff, don’t over-spend, don’t stuff your closets and cabinets with random stuff you “might” create a table setting with someday. Or do that, I don’t want to try and tell you what to do. It’s just a recommendation based on my own personal experience. That bowl? I use that bowl. That’s my favorite bread-making bowl. I’ve been living with this table setting for about a month now and there are days where that bowl is missing from the table. I could’ve also used my pretty, Ironstone pitcher full of flowers as an interest piece. That’s an item I might also use if, perhaps, I have guests over and want to serve lemonade. These items serve a purpose. I had that little pig figurine serving a decorative purpose somewhere else in my house when I relocated it to my dining room table.

Have Fun!

At the end of the day, you want to enjoy your table setting. Don’t worry about mixing colors or elements that don’t normally go together. Don’t worry too much about trying to make a table setting as good as what you see on Pinterest. You’re the one that needs to look at it; I want you to enjoy it! Follow your heart, and have fun 🙂

Concrete chick figurines in the farmhouse table setting

Are you interested in creating a similar Farmhouse table setting?

I won’t be able to provide links for these exact items, however, I have searched around for similar items that would look great in your Farmhouse Table Setting!

Look at this ADORABLE Stone Chicken Sculpture! -I am loving the idea of having this on my dining table!

Check out these cute Blue and Cream Striped Grain Sack Placemats! This is definitely the direction I would’ve gone if I hadn’t found mine at Target.

I took a look around for a gold silverware set and really liked this set. It’s a set for four place settings. If you need more than that, here’s a similar set for eight place settings. As I was looking around it reminded me how much I like gold silverware.

Having a set of simple, glass water goblets is a great idea. I use them all the time. I do recommend purchasing a set that contains more than you need because we’ve had a few break over the years and actually this is the first time I’ve had to sub in a non-matching glass. Try not to look too closely at my table setting or you may notice one of the glasses does not belong. Here is a nice, Simple Set of Six Water Goblets.

Of course, I recommend thrift shopping for a lot of these items and I absolutely believe dessert plates are one of those items. However, for the sake of this blog post, I did find a set of dessert plates on Amazon that I would’ve liked to have in this table setting. Check them out here!

If you pair those dessert plates with this set of Dinner Plates with a Scalloped Edge, that would be so cute!

Now let’s fill your table with yummy food!

Click here for recipes that will look beautiful on your table and fill sweet bellies, as well!


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